Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Also known as Angel's Trumpet and (somewhat erroneously) Tree Datura.

There is a useful post about this plant over at Huntingwick Gardens. Check it out.

See my previous post on this plant.


Aiyana said...

I've learned a lot about this plant from various blogs. I'd never seen one before. They are beautiful.
Happy Thanksgiving,

william said...

Plant in a light, fertile, well- drained soil. Brugmansia is a fast grower and heavy feeder and needs to be fertilized regularly ( 2x per week) during the growing season. Provide lots of water to keep it in bloom all summer and fall. Since it blooms on new wood, it can be trimmed when growth becomes excessive or when you want to shape it as a dense round shrub or tree . It will take a month or more to resume blooming after pruning.
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Nancy said...

I've been wanting one, as some of the neighbors have been growing them. I can't seem to find one in the nurseries.

Watch out for this weekend's cold snap, it promises to be colder and deeper than the snow. (December 21/22)